Gourmet Adventures

Pigging out in style.
Paris, Paris Tours Gourmet Adventures are custom walking tours featuring everything from pastries and chocolates to restaurants, cafes, cookware shopping, markets, butcher shops, wine & cheese tastings, winery visits (in Burgundy) and more. The "more" is whatever your dream of a perfect Paris food adventure might be: we make it happen.

The only thing missing in these photos: you!

Redefining a crock.

We take you behind the scenes, where you can find the cookware and crockery the pros buy.

 A hunk of cheese, and a cheese hunk!

Montblanc? The pastry, not the mountain

Capturing the fun.

And styling for camera.
Pork jowl never tasted so silky: a sow's ear?
The real deal: 'tis meat!

Upscale fish. No reason to feel shellfish.
Window licking? That's French for window shopping.

Window-licking good! Leches-vitrines, c'est chic!
As French as apple pie

White chocolate brownies, Parisian style.

A glass of Burgundy in the sun
Coffee time: pain au chocolat, painless!